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Comparative evaluation of effectiveness of Alloplastic skin substitute 'Suprathel' and histoequivalent-bioplastic material for treatment of burn wounds


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Objectives: To investigate effectiveness of alloplastic skin substitute "Suprathel" for treating a burn wounds. Methods: "Suprathel" represents itself a microporous membrane, consisting of copolymer of polylactide and other polymers. In conditions of wound healing, this synthetic material performs substitute function of damaged skin and stimulates regeneration. Aforesaid material was used in 20 patients (16 men, 4 women) for treating border and mosaic burns of II-III degrees in Burn Center of F.I.Inozemtsev City Clinical Hospital, Moscow. The average patients age was 35.7 years; the average area of burn wounds, 33.3% of body surface. Group of comparison included 20 patients whose wounds, after dermabrasion, were treated by histoequivalent-bioplastic material (membrane based on hyaluronic acid and collagen). In the both groups, surface of wounds with simultaneous application of materials ranged from 2% to 5% of body surface. Treatment of patients started, on the average, on 4th day after injury. Before using materials, burn wounds underwent dermabrasion by synthetic brush, electric dermatome, or hydrosurgical system "Versajet". Results: When using "Suprathel", the time of epithelialization for border and mosaic burns of II-III degrees took, on the average, 14.8 days after injury; while, in comparison group, it took 15.6 days. In group with "Suprathel", complete epithelialization of wounds was achieved in 18 (90%) patients; in 2 (10%) patients, partially granulating wounds were formed: which were covered by autoskin grafts. In comparison group, the same results were in 16 (80%) and 4 (20%) patients, respectively. In group with "Suprathel", pain during dressing changes was less than in group of comparison. Study of long-term results (3 months after injury) showed good quality of newly formed epidermis and absence of pathological post-burn scarring in patients treated by "Suprathel". Discussion/Conclusion: Application of alloplastic skin substitute "Suprathel" provides effective treatment for border and mosaic burn wounds of II-III degree.


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