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Jun 12, 2018

BACO International 2018

The current state and future possibilities of mobile phone “voice analyser” applications, in relation to otorhinolaryngology






Background The ENT UK research council recently stated that a research priority was finding the "optimal management for adults with voice problems." Objective This study aimed to review the potential for voice analyser applications to aid the management of voice disorders. Methods A literature search was conducted yeilding five Pubmed articles and two conference papers that were further reviewed. Results Six out of the seven studies concluded that smartphone assessments were comparable to current techniques. Nevertheless there remained some common issues with using applications such as; voice parameters used; voice pathology tested; smartphone software consistency and microphone specifications. Conclusions It is clear that there is a way to go before a mobile application can be used widely in voice analysis. However, promising results have been obtained thus far, and the benefits of mobile technology in this field, particularly in voice rehabilitation, warrant further research into its widespread implementation.

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