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International collaborations: Experiences from a US Fulbright Scholar Program


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Presented at

ACS Spring 2020 National Meeting & Expo





While there are several avenues to collaborate with international scientists across various disciplines, the US Fulbright Scholars program is the one of the most prestigious and largest international exchange program run by the US Department of State. This presentation will provide details about the various opportunities offered through the Fulbright program for university teachers, researchers and students. Additionally, the presentation will highlight work undertaken during one semester of a sabbatical leave, during Fall 2017, as a Fulbright Scholar at a host institution in Mumbai, India. The similarities and differences between the US and Indian introductory college level courses (General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry) in terms of the structure of the curriculum, nature of assessments and teacher preparation, will be discussed. The presentation will also describe the overall Fulbright experience, including the challenges facing Indian institutions and their US counterparts in terms of teaching and learning issues in undergraduate General and Organic Chemistry courses. As an alumnus of the Fulbright program, I will provide insights into the strategies used to maximize developing a successful application package to the Fulbright program. Additionally, the presentation will also describe logistical and other challenging issues that potential grantees could face in foreign countries; that have access to limited resources and materials as compared to the United States. Potential solutions that can be used to circumvent these challenges while enjoying a meaningful academic and cultural experience will be discussed.<br/>


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