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Apr 29, 2019

WADEM Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine 2019

PARABORN - A Training Program for "Outdoor" Activities by Pregnant Urgent Patients for Paramedics







Introduction: Spontaneous delivery is a completely physiological phenomenon. Occupational obstetric care in a hospital environment focuses on supporting the mother, the smooth progression of the baby, and the treatment of the newborn child. Occupational activities play a rather supportive and assisting role. The obstetrician and the midwife are ready to respond immediately in the hospital environment to any complications or sudden emergencies. During a birth outside of the hospital environment, there are a number of influences that can cause complications in an unprepared environment without professional assistance, endangering the condition of both the child and the woman. Methods: The educational concept of PARABORN focuses on situations outside the hospital environment. It is generalized and adaptable to varying geographic, economic, and cultural-political conditions of the target providers, particularly to rescue and paramedic teams. Educational concepts are specialized, interactive courses. The course includes a theoretical and practical block. In the theoretical part, the participants acquire knowledge of urgent obstetric conditions in an out-of-hospital environment including an overweight birth, bleeding, premature delivery, or a complicated delivery (non-standard position, umbilical cord prolapse, etc.) In the practical block, participants acquire the skills of acute interventions as well as methods of communication in these emergency situations. Practical training takes the form of case studies and can be tailored to the real geographic and cultural conditions in which the intervention units operate such as remote terrain, conflicts zones, etc. Discussion: The knowledge of the cultural and political environment is a necessary prerequisite for managing the urgent situation. Paramedics, as first responders, should have adequate training to manage maternity situations in an out-of-hospital environment where a hospital environment is not available or accessible either by choice or circumstance.

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