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May 14, 2017

Euroanaesthesia 2017

Theatre safety culture and perioperative staff feedback


Charlotte Patmore;

Louise Olley

safety culture

patient safety





safety culture

patient safety


Background Better safety culture is associated with fewer adverse events and its improvement impacts on staff safety behaviours. A safety culture survey demonstrated that theatre staff currently feel that they do not receive enough feedback. Feedback is vital in allowing staff to identify areas for personal and team improvement, that will drive habitual excellence in patient care. On further inquiry staff indicated that the feedback that they would most like is Methods. We used the SCORE safety culture too, to measure the safety culture. We piloted a method of collecting feedback of patient peri-operative experience for theatre staff. This used a paper form for data collection on the first post-operative day for patients undergoing upper gastrointestinal procedures. Results The patient feedback was very positive with95% of patients were extremely likely to recommend the department to their friends and family; 100% of patients felt that theatre staff made them feel more comfortable;100% of patients rated the theatre environment as excellent (79%) or good (21%); 100% of patients rated their overall experience either excellent (74%) or good (26%). Staff response to the feedback was very positive - “Very good to hear that we are doing a good job, we only hear the bad things”, “Fantastic, would be good to hear regularly” and “It is hard work so staff like to hear the positives”. Conclusions Staff valued the feedback highly and this is the start of a future work to improve the safety culture in theatres by optimising the feedback (patient experience, patient outcomes and team performance) to theatre staff.

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