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[ Industry Trends ] August 26, 2021

What the latest Covid research reveals about vaccine hesitancy, class-based health risks, and more

The Covid-19 outbreak has taught us the value of early-stage research.
[ Industry Trends ] August 12, 2021

Four posters that made the biggest impact on our team

Read about the early-stage research that inspires our team, and keeps us all motivated to enable learners around the world.
[ Industry Trends ] May 31, 2021

What now? Scholarly communications in a post-pandemic world

Academic publishing must consider new technologies, policies, and practices.
[ Industry Trends ] April 29, 2021

Reflections on the Future of Association Convening

The future of scientific exchange is built on innovating standard models, improving accessibility at conferences, and the promise of partnerships.
[ Industry Trends ] March 24, 2021

Tracing the research journey from beginning to end

Conferences play a critical role in the scientific ecosystem as the key place for researchers to connect and showcase their findings.
[ Industry Trends ] December 16, 2020

The future of conferences is not (just) virtual

The future of conferences is not just virtual. It is hybrid and accessible to a global community of learners.
[ Industry Trends ] November 19, 2020

Top Trends and Focuses for Libraries in 2021

Digitization and media literacy, the changing nature of education, open access, and inclusivity are the top trends for libraries in 2021.
[ Industry Trends ] November 6, 2020

"Impactful meetings in times of crisis": Berlin Science Week panel

What can scholarly communication learn from a more digital-forward approach? Read a recap of holding scientific meetings during a time of crisis.
[ Industry Trends ] June 12, 2020

Checks and balances in early-stage research

Rapid dissemination of research can prove critical to advancing scientific discovery. So why are early stage research findings not always integrated?
[Industry Trends] June 8, 2020

When conferences go virtual – a Professor's view

In this interview, ACS Spring Meeting presenter Dr. Prasad discusses the challenges and opportunities involved in virtual presentations.

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