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[ MEMBER ENGAGEMENT ] April 27, 2021

Researcher spotlight: Niny Rao on the value of early-stage research

The author of one of Morressier's most viewed posters on why the scholarly community needs to make conference content more accessible.
[ MEMBER ENGAGEMENT ] March 5, 2021

The conference is over, now what? Four tips on increasing the lifespan of your event

Discover our top tips for how to amplify your organization’s content post-conference.
[ MEMBER ENGAGEMENT ] February 1, 2021

How to organize an effective virtual conference: Key tips we've learned from our clients

Key tips you should follow when hosting a virtual conference, gleaned from our work with some of the world's most prominent professional and scientific organizations.
[ MEMBER ENGAGEMENT ] January 23, 2022

How to organize an effective virtual conference: Key tips we've learned from our clients

In this post, we will explore the key tips you should follow when hosting a virtual conference
[ MEMBER ENGAGEMENT ] September 22, 2020

Seven steps to a great virtual conference RFP

Find out how a well-designed RFP can help you find the perfect platform partner for your next virtual conference - and save you time and money in the process.
[ MEMBER ENGAGEMENT ] May 22, 2020

When conferences go virtual - a PhD student's view

Conferences are uniquely critical early in a researcher's career. So how do they feel about the switch to virtual?
[ MEMBER ENGAGEMENT ] August 16, 2019

Five ways to increase your conference's exposure

Does your conference have a marketing strategy? The more specialized the area, the more targeted your conference becomes.
[ MEMBER ENGAGEMENT ] July 16, 2019

How to attract talent to your academic conference

The people behind the research are what bring your conference to life. How do you find them?
[ MEMBER ENGAGEMENT ] June 12, 2019

Why conference management tools need a good UX

As conference planning and organization goes digital, ensure a satisfying user experience for your members.
[ MEMBER ENGAGEMENT ] January 14, 2019

Security risks conference organizers can't ignore

From WiFi to emergency information for your attendees, is your conference doing everything possible to keep your members safe?
[ MEMBER ENGAGEMENT ] April 18, 2018

Study finds almost half of all medical students suffer from a burnout

Are your members burned out? Learn more and see what organizations can do to help reduce stress levels.
[ MEMBER ENGAGEMENT ] February 15, 2018

How to effectively market your conference

Make your conference stand out from the crowd and attract the right attendees with some tips from a Professional Conference Organizer.

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