Welcome to Morressier

The home for early-stage research. Where science gets discovered, disseminated, and elevated – and signals in research first come to light.

Our story

Inspired by the vital exchange happening at academic conferences around the world, co-founders Sami Benchekroun, Justus Weweler and Rino Montiel launched Morressier to build an online hub for pre-published research. Supported by renowned industry experts, the company’s fast-growing team aims to help scientists accelerate their breakthroughs by making previously hidden early-stage research openly accessible and discoverable.

The platform hosts conferences posters, presentations, and abstracts, along with datasets, videos, and negative results, opening up the entire scientific process from idea to creation. Universities showcase their pre-published content on Morressier to boost its reach and industry and institutions benefit from the company’s research analytics, gaining access to insights and statistics in science as they happen.

We are a driven team from all continents and backgrounds that is passionate about bringing the entire scientific ecosystem together in a global discourse around early-stage research.