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Our mission is to accelerate scientific breakthroughs by providing insights into the research lifecycle from the very beginning on.

Our Story

Inspired by the vital exchange at academic conferences around the world, co-founders Sami Benchekroun, Justus Weweler, and Rino Montiel launched Morressier in 2014 to build an online platform for the very earliest research findings: conference content. Supported by renowned industry experts, and a fast-growing team, Morressier helps scientists accelerate their breakthroughs by making previously hidden early-stage research more discoverable. The platform hosts dynamic virtual and hybrid conferences and the content they produce: abstracts, posters, presentations,  and proceedings, as well as datasets, videos, and negative results. This powerful aggregate opens up the entire scientific process from idea to published article and fosters a global discourse around early-stage research.

Our executive team

Sami Benchekroun
Co-Founder and Managing Director

Sami has over ten years experience in academic conferences, scholarly publishing, and entrepreneurship. He drives Morressier's vision forward and is dedicated to bridging the gap between early-stage research and wider scholarly communications. Sami studied management at ESCP Europe.

Corinna Herbst

Corinna uses her wealth of experience in fast-growing tech companies to lead Morressier's operations. She previously worked in management roles at Aviva, HomeTouch, and Smarket and completed her MBA at INSEAD.

Rino Montiel
Co-Founder and CTO

Rino leads the product, engineering and data teams. He was previously VP of Engineering at EyeEm and has a background in building large-scale systems for e-commerce, social networks and big data.

Lauren Kane
Chief Strategy Officer

Lauren drives Morressier's commercial and strategic development. She has more than 15 years of experience working with scholarly societies and the organizations that support them, most recently as CEO of Delta Think. She currently serves as President of SSP.

Justus Weweler
Co-Founder and Director of Key Accounts

Justus builds relationships with Morressier's clients and partners and leads the Customer Success team. He has a background in design and Human Computer Interaction.

Our advisors and board members

Annette Thomas
CEO, Guardian Media Group

Annette's impressive career spans 25 years in scholarly publishing and research analytics, including as CEO of Clarivate Analytics and Macmillan Publishers, and as Chief Scientific Officer at Springer Nature.

Jan Reichelt, PhD
Managing Director, Web of Science

Jan is a serial entrepreneur and an expert in education technology. He was previously the cofounder of Kopernio (acquired by Clarivate Analytics) and Mendeley (acquired by Reed Elsevier).

Jan Maier
CEO, Montiko

Jan previously created research management tool Converis (aquired by Thomson Reuters). He is the CEO of Montiko, an early-stage investment company with a focus on science and data-driven companies.

Thomas Jørgensen

Thomas is the creator of Pure (acquired by Reed Elsevier) and worked at Elsevier as the Director of Product Management for Research Products. Today, he supports various companies in scholarly communications.

Harald Nieder, PhD
Partner, Redalpine

Before shifting into venture capital, Harald had roles at BNP Paribas and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He is a theoretical physicist by training and worked at CERN during his PhD.

Filip Dames
Founding Partner, Cherry Ventures

Filip has a background in entrepreneurship and social businesses. He was part of the founding team of Zalando, where he led business development through to the company's IPO.

Funded and supported by

Cherry Ventures is Berlin-based venture capital fund, founded by entrepreneurs with substantial experience in building fast-scaling technology companies.

Redalpine is a Switzerland-based venture capital fund with focus on highly scalable European startups in the fields of information technology and life sciences.

Emerge Education is an early-stage investor with a focus on the future of learning and work. Emerge is backed by the founders and investors of Trilogy, 2U, and Lambda.

ERDF Morressier is supported and co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Morressier in the news

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