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 Getting Started


1. How does the automated submission check work?

It's simple: complete your payment, upload your manuscript, and receive your report! We run your manuscript through a series of 28 automated submission checks, for everything from submission completement, to industry standards, to a citation analysis that checks for over citation and self-citation. 

2. What will I get in my report? And how long will it take to receive? 

You will receive a report marking all of the places in your manuscript where you have either passed or failed our submission checks, so that it is easy for you to make changes. You will receive this report via email just a couple of minutes after you've submitted payment. 

3. I'm a journal editor or a publisher, and I'd like to use these checks to review all my incoming manuscripts, saving my peer reviewers time. Can I use this service for that?

Yes! This can be a valuable tool to accelerate your peer review workflows. If you're interested in integrating our checks into your publishing infrastructure, please reach out here

We offer a variety of Submission and Integrity Checks exclusively to editorial teams, to identify any research misconduct easily before it is published. 


1. I was not happy with my report. What can I do? 

We're so sorry that your Submission Check didn't meet your needs. We would love to know why, so we can improve this service for researchers like you in the future. 

Our service is risk-free, with guaranteed refunds for any dissatisfied users. Please initiate the process by getting in touch here. 

2. I never received my report in my email. Can I contact you for help? 

Check your spam folder and refresh your email inbox. If your report isn't there after a couple of hours, please contact us here


Don't see your question answered? Get in touch here, and we'll be happy to help