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[ INNOVATIONS & UPDATES ] April 12, 2021

Morressier conference highlights

Introducing four events from spring and summer of 2021, and meet four organizations partnering with Morressier.
[ INNOVATIONS & UPDATES ] October 13, 2020

Morressier conference highlights

Wrapping up 2020, learn more about four unique communities who are hosting impactful virtual conferences with Morressier.
[ INNOVATIONS & UPDATES ] July 9, 2020

Morressier quarterly conference highlights

Come meet a few societies and research organizations partnering with Morressier.
[ INNOVATIONS & UPDATES ] June 25, 2020

"Virtual conferences have arrived and are going to stay"

Morressier's CTO and co-founder, Rino Montiel, describes how we're building products to support impactful conferences.
[ INNOVATIONS & UPDATES ] May 13, 2020

The case for connecting early-stage research

The journal article is recognized as the authorized outcome of scientific research, but what of the steps it took to get there?
[ INNOVATIONS & UPDATES ] May 11, 2020

Disseminating early-stage research in the age of COVID-19

Morressier's co-founders explore the impact of COVID-19 on virtual conferences and how research needs to be shared.
[ INNOVATIONS & UPDATES ] December 3, 2019

Tracing the journey of research on diet and menopause, two years on

Hear about the impact of exposure at academic conferences from a researcher from the Nutrition Society.
[ INNOVATIONS & UPDATES ] October 18, 2019

The tech threat: Are academic meetings replaceable?

From face-to-face collaboration, to validation for your work, to unexpected new ideas, what's the value of scientific conferences?
[ INNOVATIONS & UPDATES ] October 7, 2019

Investigating new links in oral fluid and eating disorders

Trace the ideas from the initial spark of inspiration, to the poster, to the peer-reviewed paper for one researcher in Poland.

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