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Author Submission Checks

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Analyze citations

Analyze citations

[ Reference Checks ]

Validate minimum required references, pinpoint out-of-date references, and examine if you have self cited too many times.

Submission checks

Scan paper for statements

[ Disclosure Checks ]

Catch small mistakes prior to peer review such as missing statements for author contributions, conflicts of interest, and funding statements.

Submission checks

Ensure submission completeness

[ Word Count Checks ]

Confirm your manuscript length meets journal standards and that you’ve included all necessary information like a keywords list.

Structure Checks

Validate industry guidelines

[ Structure Checks ]

Verify your structure follows the IMRAD model and ensure your paper is configured to journal guidelines.

AI Text Checks

Guarantee citation credibility

[ AI Text Checks ]

Authenticate that all citations are from actual authors and that you haven’t cited a bot by accident.


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The only service to provide preflight checks, whilst detecting over-citation and AI-generated text.


Ensure submission completeness, comply with industry standards.


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