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Conference Hubs

Keep attendees on the edge of their seat — wherever they are. Our platform brings your event to life and helps your community’s research make a lasting impact.


So much of your conference’s success is left to chance. Until now. We’ve engineered a way for you to elevate cutting-edge scholarship and keep your audience coming back.

[ Live or On-Demand Video ]

Anywhere and anytime

Let attendees get immersed in real time with live access — or watch on demand — with automatic and seamless updates as your conference happens.

[ Virtual Networking ]

Connect and collaborate

Our sleek virtual networking rooms can hold up to 50 people and offer a convenient way to supplement face-to-face communication.

[ Exhibitor Pages ]

See and be seen

Exhibitors and sponsors can enjoy countless opportunities to showcase their brands. Great news for your attendees, great news for your partners.

[ Content Hosting ]

Make your event last

We’ll host your event content online once the event is over to keep your attendees engaging with the most thought-provoking research.

[ Administrator Controls ]

Smooth sailing

Our sophisticated backstage tools do everything from tech checks for presenters, to allowing moderators to strengthen attendee engagement by bringing audience members onto the stage. On-site support lends peace of mind for any issues.


Wait, there's more...


Collect. Review. Process.

Send out a call for your community’s latest research and watch the ideas flow through for any type of content.

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[ Research Libraries ]

Discover. Discuss. Experiment.

Create a community built on science’s latest ideas from across however many conferences or disciplines you can imagine.

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