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Virtual & Hybrid Events

Manage your conference from beginning to end, keep your attendees engaged with flexible options, and be confident in your success with top engagement analytics.

Branded event hub

Customize for your audiences

Make your event your own with a brandable hub. Highlight the speakers and sessions your audience care about most in our easy-to-use organizer portal.

Live and on-Demand Sessions

Give your audience options

Empower your attendees with flexible sessions they can view live or on-demand when their schedule allows. Bring your speakers and moderators together backstage, where Morressier's support team is on-hand to make sure every sessions runs smoothly.

Exhibitor Pages

New revenue opportunities

Host dedicated sessions to shine the spotlight on your sponsers. Each exhibitor has the opportunity to customize their personal page to get their message across and engage with key audiences.

Events Analytics & Insights

Measure your event's success

Gain insights with trending presentations and topics to truly understand what your audience cares about when planning your next event. Our analytics dashboard makes it easy to see all key insights at-a-glance.


Bring your attendees together

Spark conversation, whether your audience prefers video networking in large or small groups or a one-to-one chat. Personalized profile pages help attendees find the people they want to talk to.