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Digital transformation drives research impact

The future of scientific research is increasingly reliant on digital innovations. Are you ready to grow?

Automation, Digitization, and Efficiency

The industry's new dynamics present challenges that make the acceleration of early-stage research more important than ever. Partnering with technology organizations can lead to transformational growth and a better experience for your community, with improved analytics and more efficient infrastructure.

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Accelerate quality science

Access early-stage research

Digital transformation powers innovation. Our digital solutions can support all aspects of the research lifecycle, allowing for unrivaled efficiency.

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Work faster AND smarter

Agile peer review

Research integrity, peer review, and publishing flexibility thrives on technology, with greater workflow automation to save time and avoid the cost of retractions.

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Understand your members

Comprehensive reader dashboards

Advanced insights give you the tools to know your members better. Analyze behavior and trends to create growth opportunities like never before.

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Connect the puzzle pieces

Videos, posters, and more

Increase collaboration and improve multimedia publishing with our all-in-one digital infrastructure to help early-stage research find its way to the future.

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Never stop improving

Partnerships that last

We are redefining operational performance in the scholarly community so you can embrace digital transformation to improve research impact.

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