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The path to a high-impact virtual conference

A non-profit international scientific society with more than 1,800 members dedicated to fostering research and education in the field of RNA science.
To transform the 2020 RNA Annual Meeting into an engaging, fully-virtual conference by providing a service to securely digitize, host, and disseminate all conference content and proceedings.
Our approach
Use Morressier’s suite of workflow tools to manage the submission, publishing, and dissemination of posters, presentations, and conference proceedings.

The Challenge

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the RNA Society needed to transform their in-person meeting into a fully-virtual event within a one-month timeframe - ideally without incurring additional costs to delegates. Before engaging Morressier’s services, the Annual Meeting had only taken place in an offline format and both delegates and hosts were unfamiliar with a fully-virtual conference experience. Due to the highly sensitive nature of the conference content, data privacy was a major concern for the society. As such, the RNA Society required a conference content workflow solution that was quick to implement, easy to navigate, and that fostered engagement while adhering to strict privacy requirements. 

«We were thrilled to support the RNA Society in the pivot to a fully-virtual conference format. The added flexibility of an online approach meant that the meeting was a resounding success, achieving unprecedented levels of engagement, increased accessibility, and a doubling of RNA membership sign-ups post-event.»

Justus Weweler, Morressier Director of Key Accounts

The Solution

Morressier managed the submission, hosting, and sharing of all posters, presentations, and proceedings for the RNA Annual Meeting. Presentations and videos were pre-recorded and displayed on a dedicated conference page, allowing delegates to explore in their own time. To adhere to the RNA Society’s privacy requirements, research was only accessible to members and conference delegates for the duration of the conference. The RNA Society was also able to access additional revenue streams via sponsorship branding opportunities.

By the numbers



attendance rate



of poster submissions completed



minutes of presentations viewed



poster interactions

The Outcomes

Increased engagement in a secure format

Delegates reacted very positively to the virtual conference, despite it being a completely new format. Attendees interacted over 250,000 times with conference content and watched over 400,000 minutes of video presentations over the four-day conference.

A tailor-made conference experience 

By pre-recording all presentation tracks, delegates had the freedom to determine their own schedule to ensure they did not miss any presentations. They were able to browse conference content in their own time and best prepare for presentations by formulating questions and commentary in advance. 

New sustaining revenue streams

Morressier generated new revenue streams for the RNA Society by including sponsor branding on presentations. Additionally, by offering free conference attendance to all society members, membership sign-ups doubled in the lead-up to the event. As a result, the conference generated a profit while remaining free for all members.


100% meeting attendance

Conference content and proceedings were successfully digitized in a very short timeframe, resulting in 100% meeting attendance, unparalleled engagement, and highly positive feedback.


Strict data privacy requirements

Strict data privacy requirements were maintained without compromising research access.


New sponsorship revenue

New sponsorship revenue and increased membership sign-ups meant that the meeting produced a profit, without any cost to delegates.

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