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Background and Aims: Suicidal behaviour is a complex phenomenon with a multitude of risk factors. Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), a protein crucial to nervous system function, may be involved in suicide risk. The aim of this study was to assess serum level of BDNF in suicidal patients and to determine associations between BDNF levels and clinical features. Methods: We have conducted a case-control study. Suicide attempters who have been received in emergency department or intensive care unit of Farhat Hached Hospital of Sousse, Tunisia, free from chronic inflammatory or autoimmune disorders were recruited. They were compared to control subjects, matched for age, with no significant difference concerning gender and body mass index, enrolled among volunteer blood donors. Current symptoms were assessed with depression ( Beck Depression Inventory), anxiety (Hamilton Anxiety Scale) and impulsiveness (Barratt Impulsiveness Scale). Serum BDNF levels were measured with ELISA techniques. Results: Thirty-one patients were recruited. They had an average age of 26.00 ± 9.80 years with a sex ratio of 0.4. At the time of the evaluation, 87.1% had severe depression and 48.4% moderate to severe anxiety and 12.9% had a high despair score. No significant difference was found between patients and controls regarding BDNF serum levels. There were no association between serum BDNF level and clinical features. Conclusions: Our results argue against the involvement of BDNF in suicidal behavior. These results should be viewed with caution due to the small number of subjects recruited in this study as well as the non exploration of the BDNF gene polymorphism.

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