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Accessibility on the Morressier Platform

At Morressier, our mission is to accelerate breakthroughs, and that means helping researchers share their ideas and discoveries as quickly and easily as possible. Our designers, engineers, and product developers are focused on providing an inclusive experience regardless of device, disability, or platform by delivering on the established best practices for accessibility.

Accessibility support

We are always improving our accessibility offering. To ensure the highest possible compliance, we are in the process of auditing all aspects of our platform and developing our accessibility roadmap to validate our efforts to date and identify gaps in our current offering. This process includes extensive testing to ensure we are always up to date with the latest in accessibility guidelines, laws, and practices. 


Researcher-created content

Our Research Libraries host the latest early-stage research from scientists and authors around the world. We encourage all users who publish content on our platform to ensure its accessibility through educational tools, but we cannot ensure that all users provide content in an inclusive manner. 



Accessibility is an on-going journey, and we are committed to improving our platform. There will always be more work to do, and we welcome feedback and suggestions. You can reach us at, where we will gladly hear your feedback or support you through any challenges you’re facing with the accessibility of our platform.