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Jun 22, 2018

MASCC/ISOO Annual Meeting on Supportive Care in Cancer



Nazare, M.;

Duarte, A.






In the last decade there have been great advances in the application of immunotherapy, with the discovery of new signaling pathways and the development of monoclonal antibodies that inhibit molecular brakes at the clinical level. However, these biological therapies represent a constant challenge in the management of immune mediated toxicity associated with these new drugs and other health professionals in other medical specialties may be confronted with the "immunological toxicity" of these drugs, which may occur at any time during treatment or after discontinuation of it. Following 2 cases with severe immunological adverse reactions not identified in the context of urgency by non-cancer specialists, there was a need to develop a strategy to flag these patients and optimize the implementation of appropriate support measures. Definition of the structure of an identification card for all cancer patients undergoing immunotherapy. The card, which is a little larger than an ATM card, is delivered to the patient at the doctor's office, filled with information regarding the prescribed drug, identification of the attending physician and emergency contact. All health professionals have available on the card, information about the mechanism of action of the therapy and associated toxicity as well as measures of action and means to contact the physician assistant. This initiative of the Pharmacy, with the support of oncologists, arises from the institutional need to create a method that allows, in emergency situations, health professionals to have rapid access to important safety information regarding the patient being treated with immunotherapy.

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