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Rationale. Metastatic breast cancer patients may experience daytime fatigue, sleep disturbance, and altered sleep-wake cycles. Identification and treatment of underlying sleep disorders may alleviate symptom burden. Methods. All metastatic breast cancer patients who underwent formal sleep consultation at MD Anderson Cancer Center between 4/1/2009 and 6/30/2014 were identified. Cancer characteristics, sleep-related history, laboratory and polysomnographic data, were collected. Results. Patient characteristics are listed in Table 1. The most common sleep symptoms included snoring (85%), daytime fatigue (72%), daytime sleepiness (71%), sleep onset insomnia (43%) and sleep-maintenance insomnia (21%). Many used sleep aides (35%) and pain medications (38%). Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index revealed poor sleep in 83%, and Epworth Sleepiness Scale confirmed daytime sleepiness in 59%. Sleep disorders are described in Figure 1, and polysomnography was performed in 71%. Obstructive sleep apnea was diagnosed in 42 patients of which severity was mild (45%), moderate (21%) and severe (33%). Positive airway pressure therapy was prescribed in 76% (40) patients with 65% compliant with therapy. Other sleep disorders included insomnia (36%) and inadequate sleep hygiene (40%). Most patients (67%) followed up in one year. Conclusions. Patients with metastatic breast cancer may have significant sleep complaints. Sleep surveys can help screen for underlying sleep disorders, and signs and symptoms of sleep-disordered breathing should prompt referral for formal sleep evaluation. Diagnosis and treatment of underlying sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia and suboptimal sleep hygiene, may alleviate symptom burden and improve fatigue.

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