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3 - Faculty development in Malta for resuscitation instructors


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ERC congress - Resuscitation 2018





Abstract Purpose: This paper illustrates the faculty development programme in Malta. A Faculty development program assists faculty members for their roles as teachers in order to address their needs of professional development1. Any country or hospital needs to consider how it will maintain continuity of courses, standards and faculty. Initial enthusiastic support for courses may wane as founding teachers become more engrossed in careers, committees etc. Methods: This observational study illustrates the education programme of the Malta Resuscitation Council MRC have maintained, supported and expanded their faculty. Literature suggests strong support for faculty programmes if considered useful and relevant 2. Malta offers ALS, ILS, NLS, EPALS, BLS, ETC and GIC courses; all courses are now ERC certified since 2006. Results: There are one or two EPALS per year; pass rates are very high and a mean of 2 candidates per EPALS are offered IP, but less than 50% complete GIC and subsequent ICs. There are currently about 20 active EPALS instructors and 6 ICs on the island. Table 1 shows pass rates and IPs identified for ALS, the mean number of ALS IPs was 5 per course. However when foundation year doctors began compulsory ALS training in 2017 the numbers of IP fell markedly due to candidate inexperience and performance. Most IPs are identified when candidates are in Speciality training. There are currently 37 active ALS instructors among 60 registered and 19 ALS ICs currently in training. Table 2 illustrates common factors identified amongst the 16 ALS IPs who have not yet undertaken GIC. Conclusion: Malta offers close support to both IPs and to ICs. There has been extremely positive feedback following the introduction of regular instructor days supporting teacher development and MRC hope their model may be useful to other countries enabling robust succession of strong faculty and research in resuscitation .


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