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Sep 12, 2018

ERC congress - Resuscitation 2018

5 - Accuracy and precision of the non-invasive Zero-Heat-Flux thermometry in conditions of cardiac arrest






Purpose of the study Precise measurement of core body temperature (CBT) is obligatory for targeted temperature management (TTM). Temperature measuring devices may be unprecise, accompanied by side-effects and/or application could be labor-intensive. Objective was to evaluate accuracy and precision of the non- invasive Zero Heat Flux-thermometry (ZHF) to monitor CBT. Materials and methods After approval by the authorities, ventricular fibrillation was initiated in 19 pigs. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) was started after 5min of untreated cardiac arrest (CA). CBT was continuously measured by ZHF (3M SpotOnTM) and thermodilution-catheter (PULSION Medical Systems). Measurement- pairs were recorded prior to CA (n 19), during CA (n 17), during CPR (n 17) and within 60min after return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC, n 8). Bias and Limits of Agreement (LoA) were calculated according to Bland-Altman. Results Bias was -0.21°C prior to CA, -0.13°C during CA, -0.23°C during CPR and -0.05°C post ROSC. LoA ranged from -0.63 to 0.21°C prior to CA, from -0.80 to 0.54°C during CA, from -1.19 to 0.74°C during CPR and from -0.84 to 0.73°C within 60 min after ROSC. The post ROSC period was separated in two intervals of 30min to check for time-dependency. Bias was -0.10°C (first 30 min) and -0.03°C (second 30 min). LoA ranged from -1.01°C to 0.81°C (first 30 min) and from -0.62°C to 0.57°C (second 30 min). Conclusions Prior to CA, both accuracy and precision of ZHF ranged within ±0.5°C, which is clinically acceptable and in line with preceding publications. Based on clinical criteria, ZHF is unprecise during CA and CPR. Within the first 30min post ROSC, precision of ZHF is insufficient to regulate TTM.

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