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2018 marked the 13th edition of the ING Night Marathon in Luxembourg. In collaboration with the Luxembourg Resuscitation Council LRC up to 20 students of the First Aid team of the ‘Athénée de Luxembourg’ (1) were called upon over the last three years as first responders and BLS providers in addition to the professional medical support of the race. The students are present at the 16 refreshment points which are found at every 2.5 km along the course of the marathon and the half marathon route. Their aim is to be closer to the 16,000 runners and the thousands of spectators of this huge event in Luxembourg City in order to provide First Aid support more quickly. The first responders, students aged 15 to 19, trained in First Aid support, and in particular trained in BLS, ride an official bicycle and are allowed to move along the runners’ course. The presence of first responders at each refreshment point is being encouraged by the LRC and is strongly being supported by the Managing Director of the Night Marathon. In the 2018 edition all first responders were even equipped with an AED. The study will present the collaboration between the professional medical support and the BLS teenage providers and the evolution of this special project over the 3 last years, namely at the 2016, 2017 and 2018 ING Night Marathons in Luxembourg. The special training of the 50 first responders and their assistance in about 56 different cases over a period of 3 years will be analysed in this study. (1) The Athénée de Luxembourg is a secondary school in Luxembourg which has had a student First Aid team since 1998. The author of the present study is Jean-Louis Gindt, teacher at the Athénée, head of the First Aid team and BLS instructor of the ERC. In Cologne in 2009 he presented the poster “First Secondary School in Luxembourg sampling CPR with MiniAnne”, and in Reykjavik in 2016 “Looking Back on Eight Years of Teaching CPR with MiniAnne at the Athénée de Luxembourg.”

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