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Sep 10, 2018

ERC congress - Resuscitation 2018

5 - School CPR training by Non-CPR teaching experienced teacher: A pilot study of targeting 1000 chest compressions hands-on practice during 50 min of PWW-based QCPR Classroom training







Background: School CPR training is one way to increase bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) rate. Although various personnel has been conducting CPR training at school, school teachers would be ideal to give the training. We wanted to assess learning among students trained by school teachers using QCPR-Classroom for skill, and video for knowledge. Method: A cluster randomized trial was conducted to assess 50 min of Practice While Watch (PWW)-based QCPR-Classroom training. QCPR-Classroom comprise 42 manikins connected with Bluetooth to provide real-time feedback on CPR performance for the teacher during training. The group 1 was led by a Physical Education (PE) teacher and never taught CPR class, and 30 students participated. The group 2 was led by a PE teacher and has been teaching CPR for many years, and 27 students participated. Psychomotor and cognitive test was measured on pre- and post-training, which included compression depth, rate, adequate depth (%), recoil (%), and overall score (%). Result: The groups demonstrated similar skill improvement in overall score with training: Group 1 36.4±25.9% vs. Group 2 27.0±27.7% (p=0.21). The group 1 improved 22.4 % on average adequate depth, and 32.5% was seen in the group 2 (p=0.33). Mean percentage of recoil Improvement was 21.1±38.5% in the group 1 and 13.1±28.9 in the group 2 (p=0.40). From the cognitive test, non-CPR teaching experienced teacher made student improved cognitive knowledge. Conclusion: From this pilot study, we suggest that QCPR-Classroom and video-based teaching used by school teachers who are not CPR instructors, deliver similar or better training outcome among school children as CPR instructors can. Use of PWW-based QCPR-Classroom will provide adequate quality to get students ready for CPR. This would be the next model for increasing bystander rate and possibility to carry CPR training instructed by any school teacher.

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