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5 - Training school-children in cardiopulmonary resuscitation: different approaches for a common goal


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ERC congress - Resuscitation 2018





Purpose of the study: effectiveness of the CPR education's program in school-children in an italian region (Veneto), following the recommendations of the World-Health-Organization. Since 2013, the Italian Resuscitation Council (IRC) involved in cardiac arrest awareness with several campaigns[1, 2]. Italy in addition to other 4 countries in Europe have a law system for school-children education's program in CPR, even if the application is nor mandatory neither financially supported.These programs are unevenly conducted by the territorial emergency service units in addition to external voluntary contributions. Materials and methods: Data have been collected in the Veneto's area districts from 2013 to 2017. Belluno’s Emergency Service conducted courses to children(10-11 years old), where the BLS's sequence was showed by a poster and a short video. The instructor taught the CPR skills, then the hands-on-manikin workshop completed the session. The school-children were instructed to teach the CPR protocol to their relatives with self-directed learning programme attached to mini Anne manikins. Verona’s Emergency Service instructed 220 teachers in 41 Secondary schools as “BLS educators”. All the instructors were BLSD IRC certificated. Results: In the Belluno’s area district were instructed 3857 children(10-11 years old), that resulted in the 22,3% of all school-children in that age group. Furthermore they were instructed to teach the CPR protocol to their relatives, calculated in 11571. In the Verona’s area district, the expectations of the BLS educator program for teachers could be calculated in 7000 schoolchildren(16-17 years old) trained for CPR protocol, that means 50 % of all schoolchildren in that age group. Conclusions: Both the experiences have been successful. Involving the teachers as BLS educators, in addition to the school system, seem to be more effective to get the goal of spreading the CPR knowledge within the population.


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