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6 - Resuscitation procedures quality on various surfaces encountered in the hospital environment and doctor's offices


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ERC congress - Resuscitation 2018





Patients seeking help in hospitals and in outpatients clinics are in relatively higher risk of sudden cardiac arrest, that applies to standardized population. Thus, the required resuscitation procedures (CPR) are to be performed on different surfaces, not always on the recommended rigid floor. Aim of the study is to compare CPR parameters and the quality of resuscitation procedures simulated on various surfaces, which are likely to be find in medical settings. Laerdal "Little Anne QCPR" mannequin with computer-based measurement module of qualitative - quantitative resuscitation procedures was used. A standardized team of trained rescuers performed simulations of 8 – minutes periods of resuscitation. The tests were performed on: the floor in the hospital ward, the transport stretcher, the spring couch in the waiting room, the hospital bed with the soft mattress, the inflatable mattress and the bed in ICU and the hospital ward. The effectiveness of chest compressions was measured as the most important component. The best results were obtained on the floor (97.67%), ICU hospital bed (98,33%), hospital ward bed(97,48%), spring couch with the rescuer supported on the mattress (97%) and couch with performing CPR "standing" (94%) and on the transport stretcher (93.67%). Statistically worse result was obtained on the bed with the soft mattress (82.67%) and on the inflatable mattress (62.67%). The surface on which CPR is performed has an impact on the quality of chest compressions. Hard and resilient surfaces let achieve best quality of chest compressions. Soft surfaces deteriorate the quality of chest compressions. It seems reasonable to conduct further research on the quality of resuscitation procedures performed on resilient surfaces due to the promising results obtained.


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