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8 - Omniscienzs TMCPR feedback device improves BLS performance in trained rescuers. An efficacy study.


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ERC congress - Resuscitation 2018





Omniscienzs™ CPR feedback device improves BLS performance in trained rescuers. An efficacy study Rafael Gómez-Vicente, Evelyn Bethencourt Almachi, Boris Bethencourt Almachi, Ricardo Romeral Ortega, José Alfredo Felipe Sánchez. Introduction Basic life support is key step in the chain of survival after cardiac arrest. Even for professional staff depth and rate of compressions are often improperly delivered. Retraining CPR periodically in this population ensures a better quality. The use of live-feedback devices is currently a controversy to improve massage quality. Objectives It is to assess is to assess the efficacy of our wearable CPR feedback device (Omniscienzs ltd) in a reduced population of periodically trained nurses. Material and Methods We selected 12 random nurses from different hospitals in Madrid, Spain (6 men and 6 female) and equipped with our wearable device to perform cardiac massage in a manikin equipped with a potentiometer to measure real chest depth compressions while real time computer analysis was performed to measure real compression rate. In our study we compare the results of those massages with and without feedback while we measure all data with our wearable feedback device to assess the accuracy of every measurement of our mathematical model. Results 10/12 rescuers improved their performance. Result was significative 50.54107.05 bpm +-23.77 bpm vs 108.41 bpm +- 7.86 bpm mm +- 9.8 mm vs 57.93 mm +- 4.18 mm. (p<0.045) for depth and (p<0.863). The accuracy was excellent RSME of 3.12 mm for all depth measurements with a Pearson Correlation of 0.95 (p<0.0001) and an intraclass correlation coeffi. of 0.94 (p<0.0001). Conclusions Our feedback device can improve the performance of trained rescuers.


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