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Apr 29, 2019

WADEM Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine 2019

Back to the Future - Portable Word Processors and the Electronic Health Record






Back to the Future: The AlphaSmart Neo and the Electronic Health Record The Electronic Health Record (EHR) is now the standard means for recording and maintaining medical notes in most emergency departments. The EHR is an independent cause of physician burnout, and maintenance of the EHR may occupy thirty to fifty percent of clinical time. Software solutions abound, but are married to fixed, expensive, distracting, and bright electronically powered computers. Scribes have been successfully trialled but again are expensive and literally attached to computers on wheels. Portable digital word processors in the form of the AlphaSmart Neo is a redundant technology designed primarily for children with typing difficulties. It has recently enjoyed a resurgence in popularity amongst professional writers, journalists and field researchers for the ultimate distraction free writing experience. The Alphasmart Neo is cheap, nearly indestructible, intuitive to use and requires almost no recharging. It is compatible with all software across Mac OS, Windows and Linux. Notes are entered by the clinician or scribe, independently of computers, at the bedside, an uploaded to any software via a USB cable. We describe the introduction and impact of the AlphaSmart Neo on the EHR in emergency departments across Australia. We believe it is an ideal, as a personalised cheap effective and a efficient hardware solution to entering notes independent of other software and hardware, distraction free, at the patients bedside, resulting in better notes and that the clinician actually enjoys writing.

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