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Mar 28, 2018

21st European Congress of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

Changes in Muscle Mass of Subacute Stroke Patients after Rehabilitation Treatment


Ja-Ho Leigh






Introduction : Muscle mass changes are frequently observed in stroke patients. The effectiveness of rehabilitation therapy was assessed as a functional assessment tool, but little research has been done on muscle changes associated with clinical improvement after stroke. Purpose : The aim of this study is to evaluate muscle mass change after 2 weeks of physical and occupational therapy (PT and OT) in subacute stroke patients and to find a correlation with motor recovery. Method : Twenty for subacute stroke patients underwent standard PT and OT. Modified Bathel Index (MBI), Functional Independent Measure (FIM) Berg Balance Scale (BBS), Motricity Index (MI) of upper and lower extremities, and Fugl-Meyer Assessment (FMA) of upper extremity were measured before and after treatment. At the same time, the values of muscle mass were measured by bioelectrical impedance analysis with Inbody S100® (Biospace, Seoul, South Korea). Results : PT and OT for two weeks made a significant improvement in the MBI, FIM, BBS, MI of paretic side, and FMA of paretic upper extremity. The values of free fat mass, soft lean mass and skeletal muscle mass in the whole body, and lean muscle mass ratio of upper extremity (paretic /intact side) were increased but not statistically significant. In correlation analysis, there was a positive correlation between changes in FMA of paretic upper extremity and changes in soft lean mass (CC=0.432), free fat mass (CC=0.442) and skeletal muscle mass (CC=0.452) of whole body. (P<0.05) Conclusions : There was no statistically significant increase in muscle mass in subacute stroke patients after 2 weeks of rehabilitation. However, there was meaningful positive correlation between the upper extremity motor recovery and changes in skeletal muscle mass of whole body. This study showed the correlation between objective changes in muscles and motor recovery in stroke patients.

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