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Chemical Response Emergency Medical Information System in Chemical Disaster


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INTRODUCTION There are many dababase sets and websites which provide chemical information, but they don`t perform adequate role for emergency medical support in chemical disaster. AIM The study objective is to make the basis of chemical emergency medical information system. METHOD We reviewed the dababase sets, mobile applications and websites in the world which provide chemical database and emergency medical response from chemical accident or disaster site to hospitals. Also we examined chemical accident cases which developed to disasters. Chemical dababase set for emergency medical response was proposed and the algorithm for elicitation of chemicals suitable for emergency medical response and information providing. We performed survey about chemical emergency medical information system to related personnel. RESULT By four steps of elicitation of chemicals, number of chemicals more than 100,000 was decreased to less than 1,000. The standard of steps include accident preparedness, toxicity and circulating amount and expert consultation. Algorithm for elicitation of chemicals was made and 82,0% of related personnel wanted chemical emergency response algorithm. Emergency medical real-time consultation system for chemical disaster was made under control of call center. DISCUSSION When mass exposure by toxic chemical occurs, chemical emergency medical information system will be helpful for acute identification of chemical, protection of related personnel and emergency medical response. Also it can be possible to guide residence immediately in case of chemical disaster. Acknowledgement This subject is supported by Ministry of Environment(MOE) as "the Chemical Accident Prevention Technology Development Project."


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