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Oct 26, 2017

International Diabetes Federation 2017 Congress

Complications of diabetes mellitus type 2 in medical ward Lahore General Hospital, Lahore


Khan, M.I.H.;

Cheema, J.M.






OBJECTIVE: This study was conducted at Lahore General Hospital, Punjab to explore the pattern of common complications in patients with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 complications in relation to the duration of diabetes and to compare between the genders. METHOD: This is a retrospective study based on patient record involving 269 patients (171 Men and 98 females) who were admitted with diabetic complications in medical ward for a period of 2 years (January 2014 to December 2015). Data was analyzed on SPSS 20 and the following results were obtained. RESULTS: Only patients with Type II DM were included in this study. 232 patients (86.2%) out of 269 had one or more diabetic complications. In general the most common diabetic complication was diabetic nephropathy 117 (43.5% patients) followed by diabetic foot 94 (34.9% patients). When we compared between genders, complication rate was almost equal. A total of 233 patients had poor blood sugar control during their hospitalization and 107 patients had hypertension. When complication rate was determined over a period of 10 years, maximum rate was of diabetic foot 66 patients followed by renal failure 64 patients and major reason identified was non-compliance to medication and infrequent follow up. Patients with diabetes less than 5 years (24 patients) were without any complication. CONCLUSION: Patients with DM type 2 had a high prevalence of complications. Common diabetic complications among genders were same. Patients with diabetic complications had high prevalence of risk factors such as poor blood sugar control, concomitant hypertension and poor compliance to medication.

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