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Concussion Collaborative: A Coordinated Approach to Best Practice


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13th World Congress on Brain Injury





Concussion Collaborative: A Coordinated Approach to Best Practice Background Concussion is a significant cause of morbidity with many survivors of concussion dealing with persisting difficulties for years post-injury. About 33% of concussed patients suffer persistent symptoms that require additional assessment and support. The consequences for these individuals may include physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioural symptoms resulting in reduced functional ability, heightened emotional distress, and delayed return to work or school. While there are multiple resources available in our region, there is a lack of coordination to direct patients and caregivers to the services that are most appropriate. Intervention A “Concussion Collaborative” was established to enhance collaboration between existing services to optimize care. An inaugural Forum was held to introduce the most recent best practice guidelines, review existing services and identify gaps, and develop a plan to optimally utilize existing services. This Concussion Collaborative continues to meet quarterly. Outcomes • Improved communication and understanding of services available within the network • Developed a comprehensive system of resources to support patients and HCPs in accessing the right care/service • Improved standardized care across all agencies/services based on most current guidelines Summary Healthcare practitioners must often collaborate with stakeholders from multiple sectors to achieve the goal of providing appropriate quality care based on best evidence. Leaders can find efficiencies by leveraging existing resources and standardizing practice across the care continuum.


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