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Apr 27, 2019

WADEM Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine 2019

Development of a Tool Measuring Nurses’ Competence for Disaster Response







DEVELOPMENT OF A TOOL MEASURING NURSES’ COMPETENCE FOR DISASTER RESPONSE Authors: Sandra Mara Marin, Regina Rigato Witt. Abstract Submission Category: Nursing Introduction: Disasters are situations of complexity and unpredictability that require the performance of teams from various instances with preparation and qualification to assist the victims, recover the environment and restore living conditions. Health services are essential in the response to a disaster and nurses all over the world play a significant role in these disasters. Objective: To develop a valid and reliable scale to identify nursing competencies in disasters. Methods: competencies were selected from those related in the framework developed by the International Council of Nurses1 .A methodological study was developed in two stages: Ivalidity of content and appearance verification and II- verification of applicability and reliability with test-retest. The participants of Stage I were 8 specialists in emergencies and disasters in Brazil. In stage II, 326 nurses from the Emergency Mobile Assistance Service in Southern Brazil participated. Data analysis utilized the Content Validity Index and Interest Reliability Index. Psychometric properties of the instrument were measured with Cronbach's alpha coefficient; applicability and test-retest reliability with the use of the t test and intraclass correlation coefficient and factorial validity. Results: 41 competencies of 51 were organized in 3 domains according to Factor Analysis. Cronbach's alpha values showed good internal consistency. There was no significant difference between the test and retest scores. The intraclass correlation coefficient values were adequate. The instrument showed reproducibility and adequate applicability. Discusion: This tool will assess nurses' competencies for disaster response and provide evidence for the development of educational policies in disasters, creating a reliable and prepared workforce to respond more effectively during a disaster. 1. ICN, WHO. ICN Framework of disaster nursing competencies. World Health Organization and International Council of Nurses; 2009.

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