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West Africa


In May 2017, a Trauma and Disaster Preparedness team came from Israel to Togo, to train the medical team in a new trauma unit, donated and built by the Israeli Government. The unit was built in the Atakpame General Hospital Atakpame is a regional city located 160 km north to the capital Lomé, and serves about one million inhabitance, mostly from rural areas. The training included lectures, simulations, drills, case studies in trauma and bedside teaching. The local team also practised how to operate and use the medical technologies donated by Israel. Following the training, the facilitators recommended to continue the program and to move forward with more advanced training and bedside teaching. 5-month later the program was expanded, and a multilateral project to Togo and other ten West African countries, provided. Twenty senior doctors and nurses were chosen from ten Western African countries and joined two days of Trauma and Disaster Preparedness seminar. Follow the seminar they were moved to Atakpame and join the local team and the facilitators, to visit the Trauma unit and to learn about it as a model for Trauma Care that can be modified to the capabilities of the local facility. Lessons learned recommended to develop more training and cooperation based on this model, to help and with the development of the Trauma care and Disaster Response inWest Africa.

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