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The driver mutational landscape of ovarian squamous cell carcinomas arising in mature cystic teratoma


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ESGO State of the Art 2018 Conference





Introduction  We sought to identify the genomic abnormalities in squamous cell carcinomas (SCC) arising in ovarian mature cystic teratoma (MCT, also known as dermoid cyst), a rare gynaecological malignancy of poor prognosis. Materials /Patients and methods We performed copy number, mutational state and zygosity analysis of 151 genes in SCC arising in MCT (n=25) using next-generation sequencing. The presence of high/intermediate risk HPV genotypes was assessed by quantitative PCR. Whole genome sequencing (WGS) was completed on 3 MCT cases and all genomic events were correlated with clinical features and outcome. Results MCT had a low mutation burden with a mean of only 1 mutation per case. WGS on 3 MCT cases revealed no driver mutations or rearrangements. Zygosity analyses of MCT indicated four separate patterns, suggesting that MCT can arise from errors at various stages of oogenesis. A total of 244 abnormalities were identified in 79 genes in MCT-associated SCC, and the overall mutational burden was high (mean 10.2 mutations per megabase). No SCC was positive for HPV. The most frequently altered genes in SCC were TP53 (20/25 cases, 80%), PIK3CA (13/25 cases, 52%) and CDKN2A (11/25 cases, 44%). Mutation in TP53 was associated with improved overall survival. In 8/20 cases with TP53 mutations, two or more variants were identified, which were bi-allelic. Conclusions Ovarian MCT has low mutation burden. By contrast, ovarian SCC arising in MCT has a high mutational burden with TP53 mutation the most common abnormality. The presence TP53 mutation is a good prognostic factor. SCC arising in MCT share similar mutation profiles to other SCC. Given their rarity, they should be included in basket studies that recruit patients with SCC of other organs.


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