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Epicite-hydro, new dressing helper in the wound bed preparation in full thickness burns.


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Epicite-hydro, new dressing helper in the wound bed preparation in full thickness burns. Introduction: The patients with full thickness burns require a deep excision, and need a special coverage like a dermal regenerators or cadaveric skin at the initial stage and for wound bed preparation that will finally be grafted. However, this kind of dressing represents difficulties from cost, availability and delay in treatment definitive. For these reasons, it is important to explore new technologies that promotes coverage, moisture to the wound, among others. Objective: To present the small experience with Epicitehydro, to their income to the burn unit we did not have cadaver skin or Integra to offer to that patients, in order to previously experience a wound dressing that consists of a non-woven 3D network of pure cellulose fibers and a high moisture load. The specific network pattern, which is superior to comparable dressings, is derived by a unique biotechnological process of production and prevents cell adhesion with the wound and less pain during usage. Materials and Methods: 3 patients with areas between partial thickness and full thickness. Results: The age of patients varied between 7 and 17 years. There were 3 boys. TBSA involvement varied between 22 to 35%, and the full thickness area were almost 20% of TBSA. We made a fascio-cutaneous scarectomy with electrocautery or cutaneous resection with versajet, hemostasis and applied the Epicitehydro; after 5 to 7 days removed it dressing, and applied autograft because the wound bed was in optimal conditions. Conclusions: We have a big problem with the immediate availability of cadaver skin or dermal regenerator for patients with full thickness burns. That’s why the use of this new dressing that promotes the wound bed preparation has been an excellent option. We need a prospect and comparative study, with more patients to conclude and give us demonstration of the real benefit of this product.


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