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Apr 30, 2019

WADEM Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine 2019

Evaluating Full-Scale Exercises to Optimize Patient Outcome in an Underground Mine







Introduction. Major incident exercises are expensive to plan and execute, and often difficult to evaluate objectively. There is a need for a generic methodology for reporting results and experiences from major incidents so that data can be used for analysis, to compare results, exchange experiences and for international collaboration in methodological development. Most protocols use data describing the incident hazards, prehospital and hospital resources available and alerted, transport resources and communication systems. However, successful management of a rescue response during a major incident also demands a high level of command skills. The aim of this study was to analyze the command and collaboration skills among the emergency service on-scene commanders and the mine director for safety and security during a full-scale major incident exercise in an underground mine. Method. The commander functions were observed during a full-scale major incident exercise. Audio- and video observations and notes were analyzed using a study-specific scheme developed through a Delphi study, including e.g. inter-agency collaborative support and efforts of early life-saving interventions, relevant resources and equipment, and shared and communicated decisions about safety, situation awareness and medical guidelines for response. After the exercise additional interviews were made with those responsible for the command functions. Results. Preliminary results indicate that most decisions were not taken in collaboration. Elaborated results will be presented at the conference. Discussion. Command and collaboration skills can benefit from objective evaluations of full-scale major incident exercises to identify areas that must be improved to optimize patient outcome.

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