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May 30, 2019

Dietitians of Canada 2019 National Conference

Evaluation of mobiles apps that promote health behaviour change. Can these be adapted for use in dietetic practice in Newfoundland and Labrador?







Purpose To identify current mobile health (mHealth) promoting technologies and cultivate a summary of recommendations for the development of a mobile application intended to support individuals with healthy eating behavior change within Newfoundland and Labrador (NL). Process or summary of content A selection of mHealth apps that emphasize weight and calorie counting are presently available. Research is limited on their accuracy, success, and long-term usefulness. Furthermore, these apps have minimal focus on healthy eating and behaviour change. Individuals are more likely to be successful making positive dietary changes when they can identify their goals via a client-centered approach. mHealth can motivate and support clients, resulting in improved self-efficacy with achieving personalized goals. Systematic approach An environmental scan and analysis of existing technologies (i.e. mobile apps, websites, etc.) that focus on health-promoting behaviors were searched using CADTH, PubMed and Google Scholar. A literature review was conducted on motivation and other factors influencing behaviour change. Consultation with national, provincial, and local stakeholders provided qualitative data pertaining to the feasibility and level of interest in the development and implementation of this type of technology. Conclusions At present, there are limited applications available that meet the needs of clients and dietitians. Introducing a mHealth application into dietetic practice in NL is a cost-effective method to enhance dietetic services province-wide. Recommendation It is recommended that the government of NL invest in the development of mHealth application tailored to support the practice of dietitians, their clientele, and individuals who are working to improve their eating behaviour. Significance to the field of dietetics The findings have been translated into recommendations for the development and implementation of a mHealth application targeted at improving healthy eating within NL. This technology will foster a client-centered approach to behaviour change related to healthy eating.

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