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Evaluation of the proficiency in the skill for ultrasound-guided central venous catheterization on the simulation training using optical needle guide


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5th World Congress on Vascular Access





Introduction: Central Venous Catheterization (CVC) causes complications at a few hundredth of a percent. Though ultrasound-guided CVC is reported to reduce the rate of complication, the misunderstanding due to the characteristics of the ultrasound-image may lead to misjudgments and cause severe complications. It is necessary to acquire the technique of safety vascular puncture with recognizing the characteristics of ultrasound-image Method: We developed original CVC training simulators made by 3D printer. This simulator contains CMOS sensor which records the intravascular image of the simulator vessel, and can visualize the practitioner’s skill with the needle tip position in the vessel. We also made the new device for vascular puncture training. The device has a slit and a narrow mirror on the center of it, and the user can check the needle direction. We named the device Optical Needle Guide (ONG). Using the simulator and ONG, we checked proficiency in the ultrasound-guided CVC skill of the trainees at pre-training and post-training. Results: Forty-two trainees were recorded. Post-training success rate was increased from 81.0% to 92.9% without ONG, and increased to100% with ONG. Position aberration of the needle tip from the vessel center was decrease significantly with ONG. Identification of the needle tip on the ultrasound image also became more certain significantly after the training with ONG Discussion & Conclusion: By using the simulators which made the needle tip in the vessel visible, we could evaluate venipuncture skills of the trainees objectively. The simulators made by 3D printer can change the difficulty for vascular puncture, provide different level training. We expect that using the training system with ONG and the simulators of different difficulty level increases effectiveness of the CVC training, and contributes patient safety. This research was supported by AMED under Grant Number JP15km0908001


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