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Guided bone regeneration and the stability of peri-implant tissue contour in the aesthetic zone. Preliminary results of a prospective study


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Objectives: The aim of the present study is to evaluate the dimensional changes of peri-implant labial tissue contour in the esthetic zone obtained by implant placement with or without guided bone regeneration. Material and methods: Ten Bone Level implants (Institute Straumann® AG, Basel, Switzerland) were placed in a healed single tooth gap from maxillary central incisor to second premolar. Five implants were completely surrounded by native bone, and no bone augmentation was performed. In five implant sites, bone defects and thin bone plates were grafted with deproteinized bovine-derived bone mineral and covered with collagen membrane. Impressions were taken prior to implant placement (baseline),1 week after crown connection (at 6 months) and 6 months after crown connection (at 1 year). Models were optically scanned and 3D images were superimposed for the evaluation of peri-implant labial tissue contour changes at two points, A and B located 3 and 6 mm apical to the crest of the ridge respectively. Results: From baseline until 1 week after crown connection the peri-implant labial tissue contour gain at the points A and B was more pronounced in the GBR group compared to control. From 1 week till 6 months after crown connection the labial contour reduction was similar in both groups.. At 6 months after crown connection the total gain of labial tissue contour was higher in GBR group and exhibited similar stability compared to the group of implants placed in native bone. Conclusion: Within the limitations of this study, Implant placement with simultaneous GBR seems to result in more gain of peri-implant labial soft tissue contour in comparison with implant placement without GBR. Abutment connection increases and stabilizes the labial contour specially in the most coronal region of implant site. The stability of the gained labial contour of the augmented sites was comparable to that of the control sites 1 year after implant placement.


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