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Jun 27, 2018

BACO International 2018

A light light-source for nasal endoscopy audit: the ubiquitous mobile phone


Catherine Chapple;

Ivor Kwame;

Ryian Mohammed;

Francis Vaz;

Alam Hannan






Background: Fibre-optic-nasal-endoscopy (FNE) provides assessment of the nose and airway. We audited the practicality of standard wired-light-boxes and portable-hand-held light-sources to our novel use of mobile-phone flashlights. Objectives: Audit of mobile-phone flashlight as adequate light-sources for FNE. Methods: We carried out twenty consecutive reviews of patients in casualty and on wards using standard light-sources and then using a mobile phone (light-source connector held perpendicular to the flashlight on full beam) and compared their respective portability, reliability (light quality) and availability (within 1 minute). Results: The wired lightboxes were reliable but not readily portable or readily available. The hand-held was reliable and portable, but often not readily available. Mobile phone flashlights were reliable, portable and readily available - but required an assistant to maintain connection. Conclusions: Mobile flashlights were a reliable and available light-source for FNE. Its ubiquitous nature facilitates speedy reviews, particularly advantageous in emergent settings but requires an assistant.

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