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Microtomographic study on onlay grafts in rabbits- autograft vs. xenograft. Preliminary results.


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Background: The use of xenogenous bone blocks (XBB) can be considered an alternative to autogenous bone blocks (ABB) in oral implantology to overcome disadvantages of bone harvesting such as patient morbidity. However, there is lack of studies using microtomography for evaluation of bone grafts remodeling. Aim: The objective of this study was to compare graft remodeling process of ABB and XBB for bone augmentation through microtomographic analysis. Material and Methods: Twelve adult male New Zealand white rabbits were submitted to mandibular onlay bone grafting surgery bilaterally. In a random order, one side of the mandible was treated with ABB harvested from the iliac crest, while on the other side XBB (Heket Biomaterials, Vicenza, Italy) was used. An experienced surgeon performed all surgeries. Four animals were sacrificed at 07, 20 and 60 days, respectively. Biopsies were taken for each period and the specimens underwent microtomographic evaluation (SkyScan 1172 system, Bruker-SkyScan, Kontich, Belgium). The percentage of Total Bone Volume (TBV: residual graft plus new bone) and the trabecular configuration (number, thickness and separation) were measured both for the ABB and XBB using CTAn software (Bruker-SkyScan, Kontich, Belgium). ANOVA and t test were carried out for statistical analysis. Results: Total bone volume percentage was significantly higher for autogenous bone at 07 days and 60 days. No statistical difference was found in the intra-group timeline for both grafts. A greater number of bone trabeculae was observed at 60 days for ABB group. Conclusion: These results indicate that, when compared to xenogenous bone, autogenous iliac graft presented better bone dynamics due to higher percentage of bone volume and increased number of trabeculae at late stages of the remodeling process. This study was support by Sao Paulo Research Support Foundation (FAPESP).


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