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Oh the places media literacy can go! Developing media and data literacy resources and at an academic library during the "infodemic"


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Presented at
Charleston Library Conference 2020





Since the 2016 election and the rise in popularity of terms like "fake news,""post-facts," and "post-truth," academic libraries have redoubled efforts around positions and programming focused on media and digital literacy (Copenhaver, 2018). These kinds of positions and programs took on another level of importance in 2020 in light of COVID-19 and a modern-day civil rights movement, as students were confronted at every turn by data deluge and a new type of information overload coined as an "infodemic." This poster will discuss how two early career librarians (a data librarian and a media literacy librarian) are finding the intersection of media and data literacy to better reach, educate, and support undergraduates and graduate students caught in this data-deluge and experiencing information overload. The authors' strategies to be discussed and showcased include the content of social media campaigns aimed at centering the library in the conversation around source evaluation, lesson plans and learning objectives for virtually hosted media and data literacy instruction sessions, and approaches to identify and leverage nation-wide and world-wide information literacy campaigns (i.e. Love Data Week, Open Access Week, Media and Information Literacy Week) to support their individual campuses' information literacy goals. Takeaways/learning outcomes include defining and exploring the relationship between data literacy, media literacy, digital literacy , and information literacy and the modern role(s) academic libraries can play during the current battle of global misinformation. Reference: Copenhaver, K. (2018). Fake news and digital literacy: The academic library’s role in shaping digital citizenship. Reference Librarian, 59(3), 107–107. https://doi.org/10.1080/02763877.2018.1484412


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