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Jun 25, 2018

BACO International 2018

One-Year All-Cause Mortality for Patients Admitted with Epistaxis in Glasgow, Scotland


T. Tikka;

CM Douglas;

J Marshall










Introduction Epistaxis is the commonest ENT emergency (1). A recent study showed 10% 1-year mortality in patients admitted with epistaxis (2). Our aim was to study the 1-year mortality rate of epistaxis in our unit and identify causes. Method Retrospective analysis of patients admitted to our unit with epistaxis over twelve months.. Results Of 338 patients, 33 (9.8%) died within one year of admission. These were older (77.2 years vs. 68.8, p=0.002) and had a higher co-morbidity score (CIRS-G score 9.9 vs. 6.7, p <0 .001). The mortality rate for patients over 77 was 14.3% compared with 6.8% under 77 (p value 0.024). Leading causes of death were pneumonia (30.3%) & metastatic malignancy (15.1%). Conclusion Our figures are consistent with the previous study suggesting that admission with epistaxis is associated with a one-year mortality of around 10%. Significant risk factors were age > 77 yrs and high CIRS-G score. References 1. TWM Walker, TV MacFarlane, GW McGarry The epidemiology and chronobiology of epistaxis: an investigation of Scottish hospital admissions. Clinical Otolaryngology 2007 2. C Douglas, T. Tikka, J. Montgomery Patterns of hospital admission in 54, 501 patients with epistaxis over a 20-year period in Scotland, UK. Clinical Otolaryngology 2018

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