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Background and Aims Adverse events (AEs) related to inadequate maintenance of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) have an impact on the morbidity and mortality of pediatric patients.The construction of technologies that have the potential to change this scenario is encouraged. Thus, the objective of this study was to build a MobileApp that supports the clinical reasoning and decision making of the nurseS in the prevention of pediatric PICC-related AEs. Method The methodological study characterized in a technological production. It was built by a team of content designers, programmers, and graphic designers. The content was built on the basis of scientific evidence. It was used as reference the frame problem based learning (PBL) and as methodological support the seven steps created by the authors. Results The construction originated PiccPed® (Image 1), structured in a general clinical case, deriving six specific ones: "assessment of the insertion site", "PICC dressing", "adequate positioning", "permeability maintenance", "fluid administration” and "infection prevention". In each case, the nurse is encouraged to perform the evaluation and decision making. After the decision, the nurse receives a feedback (Image 2). If the nurse takes a non-assertive decision, it is shown the AE that could have affected the patient and they are encouraged to perform a new assessment. As a development methodology, the Progressive Web App was used, allowing the use of the Android® and IOS® operating system with free download. Conclusion PiccPed® is expected to assisting in safe care of children using PICC. The App is in Portuguese and it will be translated into other languages.

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© Copyright 2019 Morressier GmbH.
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