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Study/Objective: To exhibit the operational activities and complexities of maintaining a deployable cache of equipment and consumables for deploying a self-sustaining Emergency Medical Team (EMT). This includes the elements of managing a high performance team, human resource management ensuring the readiness of personnel to rapidly respond, maintaining World Health Organisation (WHO) international standards for EMT Sand the operational aspects and support behind the scenes to deploy a team. Background: Deploying an EMT to respond to a sudden onset disaster entails significant operational activities and support back home to deploy and support a responding team. These activities also include peacetime operations, exercising, innovation, engagement, training and development of both team members and operational staff to further knowledge and experience. Methods: Analysis of operational activities and support for pre-deployment, deployment and post deployment phases including preparedness through innovation, collaboration, development and maintenance of a high performance team and cache. Results: The analysis of operational activities behind the scenes of deploying EMT maps the unique complexities of maintain and deploying a high performance team at all stages of deployment demonstrating the success of a team in the field is attributed to the support and activities of the team back home to deploy them. Conclusion: There is substantial preparation and behind the scenes operational activities that are undertaken to deploy and support a deployed EMT. Lessons learned from each deployment build on the operational capacity of staff deploying a team and on the future directions, innovations and practices of a deployed team in the field.

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© Copyright 2019 Morressier GmbH.
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