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May 6, 2019

WADEM Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine 2019

The Problems on Your Desk - A Research Study to Define and Describe Paramedic Practice in Canada







Paramedicine is a young discipline, with modern ambulance services emerging in Canada in 1960s. Since then, the profession has evolved into a wide range of practice settings, moving beyond emergency care and transportation of the sick and injured to providing a broad spectrum of care. Yet, across Canada, paramedicine has developed unevenly, as varied models and practices have emerged to meet the differing needs in each province and territory. The range of concepts and terms across the country make it difficult to describe and compare systems, and there is little aggregated data at a national level. This study, funded by the Canadian Safety & Security Program, seeks to develop a framework and set of national standards for describing paramedics, their practice settings, their patients, and the communities that they serve. In the first year, an applied research study will build “user case scenarios” that explore the data needs of key stakeholder groups based on “the problems on your desk.” These scenarios will guide the development of a conceptual framework, including core concepts, terms, definitions, taxonomies and data models describing paramedicine in Canada. This framework will form the foundation for the second phase of the project: developing a set of national standards that will be the basis of a future national Canadian Paramedic Information System. The presentation will describe the work to date and emerging findings from the study.

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