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Apr 30, 2019

9th European Operating Room Nurses Association Congress 2019

A quality project: The pathway and outcomes of implementing nine Competency Cards in perioperative nursing







The pathway and outcomes of implementing nine Competency Cards in perioperative nursing. In 2013 nine Competency Cards are developed by the Danish Association for Perioperative nurses (FS SASMO). The Competency Cards describe the theoretical knowledge, practical skills and reflection on practice, in all areas of basic perioperative nursing. In Denmark we do not have a national degree in perioperative nursing. Our hope is, that the Competency Cards can be a pathway to a national perioperative nurse degree. We wanted to examine if the Competency Cards could be at part of our local training program and further more, raise the level of our practise for newly employed nurses. The implementation process was in focus for the quality project. Management anchoring is key to the implementation process • Knowledge sharing with a ward experienced in working with Competency Cards • Theoretical references and local guidelines were collected and connected to the Competency Cards • A study group of experienced colleagues discussed one Competency card at a time, in monthly meetings and adjusted the cards to our local practice • The supervisory responsibilities were delegated for each of the Competency Cards • The timeframe was coordinated for the involved nurses to pass the Competency Cards • Ongoing knowledge sharing with the remaining group of colleagues • Journal Club based on the Competency Cards to update evidencebased knowledge for interested collegues Newly employed nurses experience a thorough and focused clinical training • Experienced nurses get the opportunity to update their evidencebased knowledge • Quality in practice is now improved, homogeneous and evidencebased • Feed-back from colleages who have participated in the study groups: ” It has been great to have the possibility to discuss everyday practice in relation to theory”. • The benefits of implementing the Competency Cards have predominantly been positive. • The Competency Cards give us a theoretical update and words for our practical competencies

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