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Introduction: Major injury incidents in underground metalliferous and mineral mines are rare, but if e.g. a major fire would occur it is the emergency medical service together with the mining company and rescue service who perform the rescue operation. Therefore it is important to develop safe and efficient rescue operation procedures for all the organizations involved, especially the emergency medical service personnel. Aim: Examine the emergency medical service personnel’s perceptions and experiences regarding underground mining incidents. Method: Individual interviews were performed with 13 Swedish emergency medical service personnel (EMS). The interviews were transcribed verbatim and analyzed with qualitative content analysis. Results: The theme “providing the same care in a difficult environment” emerged. Depending on the type of incident the EMS personnel considered that the injured mining workers could be cared for either outside or in the mine in order to access and care for the injured mining workers as quickly as possible. The EMS personnel mentioned that it was difficult to make the decision if they should enter the mine or not due to uncertainty of their safety. They also considered that it could be harder to accomplish the same level of care as in other incidents due to the difficult environment. As they in some instances cannot drive their ambulance vehicles into the mine they have to prioritize which equipment to bring as well as consider how to transport the patients. Discussion: The results identify some of the difficulties the EMS find challenging. Therefore the results could be used in finding solutions and making the EMS prepared for effective and timely response for injured in underground mines.

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