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Sertoli-Leydig(SLCT) and Granulosa cell tumours(GCT): difference in patients and recurrence patterns


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ESGO State of the Art 2018 Conference





Background: Non-epithelial ovarian tumors account for 10% of all ovarian cancers. Sex cord-stromal tumors are heterogeneous and include: granulosa cells (GCT), and Sertoli-Leydig cells tumors(SLCT). Presentation is often in early stages, in middle age adults in GCT and under 40 years in SLCT. Recurrence patterns are different with early ones in SLT and later in GCT. Methods: Retrospective revision of cases treated in a Cancer Center between 1994-2017. Information related to patients and disease, including treatments and follow-up was collected from clinical files. Analysis was performed comparing GCT and SLCT in relation to diagnosis stage and recurrence patterns. Survival was assessed by Kaplan-Meier method. Results: 23 patients were included, 13 with GCT and 10 with SLCT, median age of 58.9 years (21,3-89,7) and 66 years (38,3-96,5), p=0,24. The majority of cases were detected in early stage: stage I:10 vs 6; stage II: 1 vs 2, stage III: 0 vs 1; stage IV: 1 vs 1. Two 2 cases of GCT recurred, both with primary stages I; 6 and 8 years after diagnosis. Both patients were submitted to surgery and one of them also to chemotherapy (BEP, 3 cycles). They are both alive. Overall survival was 19.3 years (IC 95%, 15,9-22,8). Only 1 case of SLT recurred, after 2years and 9 months of the diagnosed, and she was treated with surgery and chemotherapy. Overall survival is 12.1 years (IC 95%, 7-17). Conclusions: Our revision showed the differences between recurrence patterns in these diseases, and their indolent behavior even in recurrence setting. Patients with rare tumors must be centralized in specialized centers.


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