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Sinus Lift without Graft Material - Stability of the increased bone volume. (4 to 8 years follow up study)


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OBJECTIVES: Evaluate the stability of the increased bone volume around implants inserted in a void space created by the elevation of the sinus membrane without adding any bone grafting material. AIM : Implant-supported prosthetic restorations in the severly atrophic posterior maxilla have been successfully performed for the last 2 decades with various sinus augmentation techniques. The use of grafting material is widespread practice (Jensen et al. 1996) but studies (Lundgren 2004, Thor 2007, Cricchio 2011, Volpe 2011 Riben 2012, Fermergard 2012, Si 2013, Altintas 2013) have demonstrated that the elevation of the Schneiderian membrane with simultaneous implants placement result in bone formation. MATERIAL AND METHODS : 98 Astra Tech implants with a residual bone height requiring a sinus lift were placed from January 2009 to September 2017. The sinus mucosal lining was elevated implants were installed in the residual bone without adding any bone grafting material. Radiographs were performed to evaluate bone formation and the stability of bone volume around implants. RESULTS : All implants were functional after 6 months. Radiographic examination demonstrated new bone formation in 97,8 % of the cases after 6 months. Average bone gain in the sinus was 5.81 mm +/- 2.22mm after a minimum of 6 months. Bone gain volume remains stable even for implants placed there for 6 years (98,4 %). CONCLUSION : Our investigation shows that sinus membrane elevation and simultaneous implant placement without the use of additional bone grafting material is a predictable technique for Sinus bone augmentation (Riben 2016, Stefanski 2017). According to the study, we assume that bone gain volume remains stable. Progression and clinical appearance of peri-implantitis in this new living bone seems more predictable and and allow earlier care. Further human long-term studies on the stability of the bone volume are needed to confirm these findings. (Perez-Martinez 2015)


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